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SpamSieve 2.8.5-Mail 4.5-Mac OS 10.6.8

I just got around to upgrading to Snow Leopard, and so needed to upgrade to SpamSieve 2.8.5. Prior to the upgrade I had been setup for new message notification icons that appeared on the menu bar (in addition to the dock). Now that’s gone and I’ve looked in the SpamSieve documentation and can’t seem to find a reference to that. Is that ability gone with Snow Leopard?

SpamSieve has never had notifications in the menu bar. Perhaps you had installed a Growl plug-in that did that?

I guess that I’ll have to check on my office computer to see what is there as I haven’t yet upgraded that. But this was definitely something that I had apparently installed at the same time then as I don’t recall it being a separate thing at this point. And the only thing that I had to reload after finishing the install was Spamseive. But it was rather distinctive – you could display the number of messages for different mail boxes (multiple logins), and they appeared as red or blue circles at the top of the bar.

Sounds like another Apple Mail plug-in, and many of those don’t work with Snow Leopard (or at least require updates).

Figured it out after doing some searching for “mail app menu bar” – it’s Dockstar, and confirmed by finding my registration email.