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Spamsieve 2.8.8 Use High Percentage of Systems Resources

SpamSieve uses a very high percentage of CPU resources (approaching 100%) per the Activity Monitor and results in my Mac being unresponsive. Here are my system details:

MacBook Pro 15 inch (late 2011)
OSX Lion 10.7.2
Outlook 2011 for Mac 14.1.3
SpamSieve 2.2.8

I have double checked all of the settings and setup of Outlook Rules.

Does anyone ahve any suggestions on where to look for a possible cause of this.

Thank you and have a great Thanksgiving holiday.


It would be helpful if you could use the Activity Monitor program to record what SpamSieve is doing during this time. Select SpamSieve in the list and choose Sample Process from the View menu. Then save the resulting data to a file and send it to me.

Thanks for sending the sample log. It looks like the problem is with Mac OS X’s address book. The database may be damaged. SpamSieve is not doing anything particular with it, just loading it. You can probably avoid the problem by unchecking Use Mac OS X Address Book.

Or you could try rebuilding the Address Book database. I’m not sure of the best way to do this. Perhaps you could export it and then import it. Or perhaps delete the database and let the Mac build a new one from iCloud, if you’re using that.