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SpamSieve 2.9.21 won't stop facebookmail.com

For about a month now I have been trying to stop unwanted emails which I never subscribed to from a domain called facebookmail.com but they keep appearing in my inbox daily. SpamSieve is installed in PostBox 4.0.5. I have already uninstalled PostBox and SpamSieve and reinstalled both with freshly downloaded versions. but the emails continued.

I looked up the facebookmail domain and it belongs to Facebook so it must be legit. There is a link to unsubscribe but since Facebook (and Twitter) are blocked at my location, I cannot go to Facebook to stop the unwanted emails. For the longest time, I would mark each email as spam figuring SpamSieve would stop the emails but they kept on coming. I investigated the WhiteList and found facebook and facebookmail there so I deleted them. The email continued. I checked the BlackList and while there were facebook and facebookmail entries, they seemed specific to each individual from address. So I changed each entry to from contains facebook and from contains facebookmail but the emails kept coming to my inbox daily. I have created a rule in PostBox to capture anything that has facebook or facebookmail in the from but the emails continue.

How do I stop these emails? I am disabled and cannot get to a public domain to log onto Facebook so I am stuck. Thanks,


P.S.: Thanks Michael for resetting my password.

There is pretty much no reason to ever delete a SpamSieve whitelist rule. It is better to just train spam messages as spam, and this will automatically disable any matching whitelist rules and also prevent them from being recreated.

The blocklist is pretty straightforward. If it’s not working for you, either the blocklist rule was not created properly or Postbox is not filtering the messages in question through SpamSieve. To determine which is the case, please send in your log file and a screenshot showing the relevant blocklist rules.

Thanks for sending the log file. It looks like Postbox is not sending SpamSieve those messages for analysis. Please check #2 on this page and also check the Postbox setup.