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SpamSieve 2.9.22 not letting "good" emails through, even though previously did

I caught today in my Spam folder several emails which belonged to an email source which is flagged as good and has been working for a long time as expected(CraigsList postings). Furthermore, I found other “good” sourced emails in the spam folder for no apparent reason since I did not change the corpus or trained it to new rules. The common denominator seems to be the first part of the email(the user ID part) is different while the @yourdomain.com part is the same. This has happened in the last couple weeks from what I gather, I am not sure if it coincides with this version or the one before. Any thoughts on how to fix it? … I would not want to trash the corpus since it has many entries for few years now…
I am running Maverick 10.9.5 with Apple Mail and MailTags and MailAction installed too.

Please see this page. It’s important to look at whether the messages went to the Spam mailbox because of SpamSieve or for some other reason. And if it was because of SpamSieve the log will say why.