SpamSieve 2.9.24

The following was posted on the SpamSieve blog:

Version 2.9.24 of SpamSieve is now available. This is a free update that includes the following changes:

  • Works with Apple Mail under Mac OS X 10.11.4. It’s easiest if you update to SpamSieve 2.9.24 before updating to 10.11.4. In any case, if you don’t see the SpamSieve commands in Apple Mail’s Message menu, be sure to choose Install Apple Mail Plug-In from the SpamSieve menu. Otherwise, with the SpamSieve plug-in not installed, Mail will move good messages to the spam mailbox without consulting SpamSieve.
  • Made some optimizations so that SpamSieve launches faster and sorting and deleting in the Blocklist, Whitelist, and Corpus windows is faster.
  • The Train as Good command in Apple Mail is better at finding which inbox to move the message back to.
  • The Outlook - Filter file is now codesigned for Gatekeeper, so it will work without your having to change System Preferences to allow applications downloaded from Anywhere.
  • The Apple Mail - Move If Spam script can now color or flag messages based on how spammy they are.
  • Improved the following sections of the manual:
  • SpamSieve now uses a different and more reliable strategy to prevent the OS from keeping it stuck in a partially launched state.
  • Added an experimental option for Apple Mail to use black text for messages marked as junk but not processed by SpamSieve, overriding the low-contrast color that Mail added in Mac OS X 10.11. For SpamSieve’s black text, click here; for the default brown text click here.
  • The Uninstall Apple Mail Plug-In… command now removes the Launch SpamSieve.scpt file.
  • When running as background applications, the Apple Mail - Remote Training, Apple Mail - SaneBox, and Apple Mail - Server Junk Mailbox scripts no longer launch Mail if it is not already running.
  • Improved the error handling in the Apple Mail - Discard Spam script so that it can now delete most of the messages even if a few result in errors.
  • Reduced SpamSieve’s memory use when type-selecting in the Corpus, Blocklist, and Whitelist windows.
  • SpamSieve is better able to function when the system is unable to tell it where the user’s home folder is.
  • Improved the error reporting for the Software Update… command.
  • Modernized the Software Update code that checks whether your OS version is new enough to run the new version of SpamSieve.
  • The SpamSieveHelper application will now quit in the rare event that another copy is already running.
  • Made some changes to try to work around a rare bug where SpamSieve’s Apple Mail plug-in didn’t load until after the first few messages had been downloaded from the server, leading to them being filtered directly to the Spam mailbox rather than through SpamSieve.
  • Worked around an issue where an internal path conversion error from NSFileManager could cause SpamSieve to interrupt spam filtering with an error dialog. Now SpamSieve will simply log an “Error looking up image for address” message to the Console and continue filtering.
  • Made various code modernizations.
  • Made various changes to the build system.

SpamSieve 2.9.24 works with Mac OS X 10.6 through 10.11 and requires an e-mail client. Older versions are available for older operating systems. For information about previous releases of SpamSieve, please see the version history.