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Spamsieve 2.9.28 crashes Apple Mail

Using Apple Sierra 10.12.5 and Apple Mail 10.3. Spamsieve is increasingly causing Mail to crash and outages are increasing in duration. I have to move Spamsieve from Applications to Trash in order to get Mail to work. What’s the deal?

One of Mail’s files is probably damaged. Please see the What can I do if Apple Mail is crashing? page.

Does does “duration” mean with respect to a crash?

It’s better to just temporarily uncheck the rule.

If mail crashes, sometimes I’d restart it and it would work properly. But lately, I’d try that and it would just crash again, and again and agin until finally it would start and run. I get the spinning ball when Mail starts after a crash and have found that there is usually SPAM waiting when that happens. So by duration, I mean the period of time from when it first crashed until when it will finally run. It’s like the spam sieve is trying to contact a server and can’t so it just crashes the program. I get the error message that asks if I want to Cancel, Report or Restart Mail. I report it to Apple but doubt it’s their problem.

Will read though the links you provided but Mail runs fine for a long time with Spamsieve disabled.

Fortuneatley, though the use of spamcop.net, I’ve been able to reduce my SPAM tremendously but still get a few a day. When Spamsieve is running correctly, it does a good job of sorting out the SPAM.


Forgot to mention that the reason I just move spamsieve to Trash is that if Mail can’t start, there isn’t a way I know of to uncheck the spamsieve rule. The only way I can get Mail to restart is to move the app to Trash.

I recommend that you start by sending in some crash logs, as described in #1.

I have reset Mail’s junk database. Will see what that does. The instructions for getting a crash log don’t say where to send it and it’s too large to paste here.

You can send it to spamsieve@c-command.com.

Crash report emailed. Will await reply.

Thanks. I haven’t seen this particular crash before. It does not look like it’s related to SpamSieve. There seems to be a Mail bug with a Reply/Forward/Redirect rule action. I suggest that you try unchecking any rules with those types of actions.

Spamsieve is the only rule I have. And Mail never crashes with the Spamsieve app deleted. Have put it back in Applications. Time will tell if deleting Mail’s junk database helps or not. If not, will get a fresh crash report. Thanks,

Based on the crash log, I don’t think deleting the junk database will help. If you get more crashes, please include a diagnostic report (from the Help menu), too.

Spamsieve crashed Mail again. Reports being sent. It crashes Mail when there is incoming SPAM. Frustrating!

Thanks for sending the report. As (https://c-command.com/forums/showthread.php/5114-Spamsieve-2-9-28-crashes-Apple-Mail?p=19982&viewfull=1#post19982), the crash seems to be caused by a bug with Mail’s Forward rule action. I recommend removing this action from your SpamSieve rule so that the rule looks exactly like one in Step 3 of the instructions.

My rule looked exactly like the one in Step 3 of the instructions link you sent. None the less, I deleted that rule, recreated just like Step 3, and clicked on Don’t Apply. Will see what that does…

The report that you sent showed that the rule had an action to forward the message to spam@uce.gov.

That was an additional action after moving the message to SPAM. If your software can’t handle that, it’s needs work.

I’m trying to help you, but if you tell me that your rule looks “exactly like” the instructions when you know that’s not the case, we’re not going to have much success.

The rule actions are completely handled by Mail, not SpamSieve.

In any case, even without the Mail bug, I do not recommend having a Forward action for spam messages because:

  • spam@uce.gov is intended for messages that you have confirmed are spam, not ones automatically classified as spam.
  • Some ISPs will think that you are sending spam and penalize your account.