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SpamSieve 2.9.41b3 on M1 Mac Crashes Apple Mail

I just updated SpamSieve to 2.9.41b3. When I start Apple Mail on my M1 Mac mini, and try to go into Preferences to enable the app bundle, the app freezes. Had been working perfectly on previous version of SpamSieve.

If Mail is freezing before relaunching, that means it hasn’t loaded the SpamSieve plug-in yet. So I don’t think the problem could be caused by the plug-in. I suggest that you record a sample of the app while it’s frozen to see what it’s doing.


Sorry if I was unclear. Mail launches, and acts fairly normally until I try to open the Mail Preferences pane. And then it stops working and I’m presented with an unusually slowly-rotating beachball of death.

By the way, your app has saved my in-box from thousands of spam messages, so thank you.


This happens after you enable the new SpamSieve plug-in? (The SpamSieve plug-in doesn’t modify Mail’s Preferences window in any way, though some other Mail plug-ins do.)

I still recommend sampling Mail when that happens.

Thank you very much - when I want to sample Mail today, everything worked perfectly. I can’t explain it. But thanks for getting back to me so quickly.


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