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Spamsieve 2.9.47 does not delete spam in my junk mailbox


I setup three rules

  1. Spamsieve [Score]
  2. Spamsieve [Blue] [Gray]
  3. Spamsieve [Spam]

I keep getting a certain spam email in my junk folder and I have to highlight it and press Apple Rules to remove it to trash.

I trained this email in Spamsieve as junk.

Trained: Spam (Auto)
Subject: Your Survey Is Enclosed
From: michelle@all4birds.com
Identifier: +jGIRgMPmA8xqptTBo7C/Q==
Actions: added to Spam corpus (1128)
Date: 2021-12-16 09:59:54 -0500 (EST)

Am I doing something wrong?

The rules that you set up filter new message that arrive in your inbox. If you have a server junk filter that’s moving messages directly to Junk, bypassing the inbox, Mail does not auto-apply the rules to them. You can, however, set up a script to have SpamSieve monitor the Junk mailbox for new messages caught by a server filter, and there are options in the script to move certain colors of messages directly to the trash.

Thank you, I am using Apple Mail in icloud.
I see no way to turn off junk filter.
Where can I find the script to do this?

Thank you

Nevermind, I see you included the link. LOL

Yes, currently there’s no way to turn off Apple’s iCloud junk filter.

Nice workaround, thank you

Hi Michael_Tsai,
I am not getting the results I wanted.
Some messages are not colored, but some are from Spamsieve and still remain in Junk folder.
I wanted to auto delete these.
Maybe this is a bad idea, just tired of getting the same spam and having to deal with it.

Uncolored probably means that the script hasn’t run in a while. It only runs when you receive a new message in your inbox.

If the messages are colored blue/gray but not moved to the trash, did you not edit the script to process those colors differently?

I did the setup of

All Messages
Move to Trash

That handles the messages that arrive in your inbox. To handle the ones that arrive in your Junk mailbox, you would need to edit the Rescue Good Messages script, changing:

property pMoveBlueMessagesToTrash : false
property pMoveGrayMessagesToTrash : false


property pMoveBlueMessagesToTrash : true
property pMoveGrayMessagesToTrash : true

Thank you

I ran the script, but junk is still in junk folder.

property pMoveBlueMessagesToTrash : true

property pMoveGrayMessagesToTrash : true

The script only processes new messages. So old messages that were already colored (but not moved) by the previous version of the script will not be processed again. You would have to delete those manually.

ok, thanks again.

Or you could select the messages and manually re-apply the rules.

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