SpamSieve 2.9.5

The following was posted on the SpamSieve blog:

Version 2.9.5 of SpamSieve is now available. This is a free update that includes the following changes:

  • Updated the Apple Mail plug-in to work with Security Update 2012-004 (Snow Leopard) for Mac OS X 10.6.8. If, after installing this update, you don’t see the SpamSieve commands in Mail’s Message
    menu, it may be necessary to go to the SpamSieve menu and choose Install Apple Mail Plug-In. - The AppleScripts for controlling the Griffin PowerMate seem to trigger a crashing bug in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Thus, SpamSieve’s Flash PowerMate option has been turned off. You can try re-enabling it in the preferences if desired.
  • When training a message as good from Apple Mail, SpamSieve is better at figuring out which account it came from.
  • Worked around problems on some Macs that could prevent SpamSieve from receiving training commands from Apple Mail on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.
  • Import Blocklist Regex Rules is a sample AppleScript that shows how to create blocklist rules using the contents of a text file.
  • Made various improvements to the manual.

SpamSieve 2.9.5 works with Mac OS X 10.4 through 10.8 and requires an e-mail client. Older versions are available for older operating systems. For information about previous releases of SpamSieve, please see the version history.

You are a Star
for posting an update to your wonderful plug-in so quickly. You only really appreciate something when it isn’t there; so I can tell you that I really appreciate this plugin!

Thanks very much