SpamSieve (2.9.52) hangs on "Train as Spam" with Ventura

hi there,

since updating my mac to ventura i am experiencing apple mail to hang after marking a message with “train to spam”. it got better after updating spamsoeve to 2.9.52 but today it is occuring again.i get a spinning ball and AppleMail “not responding” until i kill it.

any suggestions?
thanks in advance,
best etienne

MacOS 13.2.1
AppleMail 16.0 (3731.400.51.1.1)
SpamSieve 2.9.52

This is caused by a bug in macOS 13 (FB11934709). You can work around it as described in the Hang When Training section here.

thanks for your super-quick answer, @Michael_Tsai

i already followed the instructions and had the impression it didnt help to set Download Attachments to All. maybe that was a wrong impression because i maybe only tested on messages that where received BEFORE changing the setting. i will watch this …

thanks again, best, etienne