SpamSieve 3.0.1b3 Public Beta

Here’s a new beta version of SpamSieve. The changes are:

  • SpamSieve will show a warning in the Settings window if checking the inboxes is disabled or if an inbox was skipped for filtering because it contained too many messages.
  • SpamSieve will now warn you in the Settings window if you have Apple Mail mailboxes selected for filtering but filtering is disabled.
  • The cutoff date for checking the inboxes is now based on when you first launched a version of SpamSieve with this feature or when you toggled the setting.
  • Fixed a bug where certain settings migrated from SpamSieve 2 would make it show that trained messages would be moved to Junk but actually they would not be moved.
  • If SpamSieve skips filtering a mailbox because it’s too large, this will now be reported in the Log window and also called out in Settings ‣ Apple Mail ‣ Setup.
  • SpamSieve is better at reporting whether a server filter thought that a message was spam.
  • The menu item for opening the Settings window is now called Settings, even on older versions of macOS, as having it called Preferences was confusing people following the instructions in the manual.
  • In the Select Mailboxes to Filter… sheet, the special mailboxes are now sorted to the top, like in Apple Mail.
  • When Mail reports an error finding inbox messages to check, SpamSieve now reports the account name.
  • When the same error occurs when communicating with Apple Mail or Outlook, SpamSieve now only logs it once per hour.
  • Fixed a bug where viewing a partially deleted log entry could cause a crash.
  • Improved SpamSieve’s launch time by preloading scripts in the background.
  • Updated the Dutch, French, German, Spanish, and Swedish localizations.
  • Many sections of the manual have been revised or updated.

If you have not installed a beta version of SpamSieve before, first click here to enter the beta key. Thereafter, you can just launch SpamSieve or choose Software Update from the SpamSieve menu to auto-install the beta. SpamSieve will also notify you about future betas automatically. You can click here to stop receiving in-app notifications of beta versions.

SpamSieve 3.0.1 is now available.