SpamSieve 3.0.2 not moving spam to Junk and reprocessing over and over

I have many different accounts and SpamSieve is working fine in the rest of them, but not in my M365 accounts. It does not seem to be able to actually move the message into Junk. Messages are processed and I can see that in the log file over and over. The message gets marked as spam, color gets changed, the number of items in the Junk folder changes for a moment, it even shows up in Junk for a moment and then its right back in the Inbox and a few seconds later it gets processed again.

I’ve rechecked the setup multiple times and I’m not finding what might be wrong. On the IMAP and Gmail accounts it works just as expected, just on the Exchange accounts it is having an issue.

Is this using Apple Mail? If so, please make sure that the account is set to store the Junk mailbox on the server.

Yes, this is Apple Mail. Sorry I did not include enough detail. It is set to store junk on the server. I can actually see it show up in the junk folder for less than a second and then it moves back to the Inbox.


Interesting. I just saw another message come along that was automatically moved to the Trash in that same account. Looking at the log file, that message had a score of 99 and it was then automatically moved to trash. It seems to just be those things that are less than 99, which would then move to Junk, that are unable to move correctly.

Does this little loop flag in the logfile indicate anything?

And if you let it just keep going then the system will run out of application memory, Mail will crash, and it will say that I’m out of disk space on my home folder though I still have 20GB available right now. If I delete the offending message that is stuck in the loop, it does not do that. But the every 30 seconds loop causes an eventual reboot.

It’s unclear why Mail is not fully moving the messages to Junk. Do you have any other Macs or devices accessing the mail account that might perhaps be moving the messages back to the Inbox?

Do the messages stay in Junk if you drag them there yourself?

If messages do successfully move to the Trash, you could adjust the Move it to the Trash if the spam score is at least setting to 50 so that SpamSieve uses Trash instead of Junk.

If Mail has a memory leak, please report that to Apple.

No other Mac that is accessing this same mailbox.

So if you drag a message to Junk, it immediately pops back into the Inbox and just changes colors to indicate that it was junk, but it is not going to the junk folder for some reason.

And I was getting the impression that the memory leak was happening in SpamSieve since that was what was processing this message over and over, but I think you might be right that it is in Apple Mail to be able to have that affect.

So now I’m trying to figure out why I cannot put messages in Junk on the Exchange server…either manually or with SpamSieve’s extension.

If it doesn’t work with drag and drop, either, this sounds like a Mail or server problem, not related to SpamSieve. Sometimes it helps to rebuild Mail’s database. Otherwise, I would suggest contacting your mail host or Apple.

I assumed it was Mail leaking because you said that Mail was crashing, but you could check the Activity Monitor app to see how much memory each app is using.

Yeah, that is a mystery. Aside from using the Trash instead, another option would be to try setting Mailbox Behaviors not to use a server Junk mailbox. I normally don’t recommend that, but it could be worth a try in your situation.

Just some further info in trying to track this down. If I set the account and uncheck Store junk messages on server then it changes the Junk folder to Junk E-mail (on the server). Then it moves the messages to Junk, but one On My Mac. If I re-check that box it changes the folder name back to Junk and it will momentarily move the message to the Junk folder and then it comes right back to whatever folder it is in (I tested this from the Trash as well as Inbox) and changes the color to tan.

It is like the Enable Junk Mail filtering is on…which it is not. I’m going to enable that setting, change the behavior to Move it to the Junk mailbox and turn it back off. And that didn’t do anything different. Messages are being marked Junk but remaining in the mailbox where they started.

The behavior is the same between MacOS 14.1 and 14.1.1 (did the upgrade last night). And this only affects this one M365 account. My other one doesn’t behave this way. I’m going to pursue discussion with Microsoft to see if I can figure out what might be going on.

I assume you’ve checked that the SpamSieve Log window does not say that it’s predicting these messages to be spam?

Yes, it does sound as though Mail’s junk filter, or perhaps another Mail rule that you’ve created, is moving messages to the special Junk mailbox.

I’m watching the log file and you can see the results in an earlier message. It is predicting them to be Spam, moving them to Junk, and then they are staying in that same box so they get re-processed over and over again every 30 seconds.

And the only other rules that I have are ones that change the color of the background to distinguish what account a message is from in the combined inbox.

Only thing I can think of is that there is something at the server that is causing this.

Sorry, I think I got this confused with another thread.

Do you mean “not staying“?

If you already rebuilt Mail’s database, this sounds like a server issue.