SpamSieve 3 Extension and Spam Drones

I’m trying to move from the Apple Mail Plugin to the Extension… I previously used the instructions here

I created rules on my Drone for SpamSieve [Score], SpamSieve [Blue], SpamSieve [Spam] and “Remote Training”

However these appear to be unique to the Plugin as I keep getting this message"

The Mail plug-in is turned off in SpamSieve’s settings, so SpamSieve has deactivated its Mail rules that depend on the plug-in so that they don’t move good messages to the Junk mailbox without consulting SpamSieve.

If you turn the plug-in back on, you should also reactivate the rules in Mail’s settings. If you no longer wish to use the plug-in, you can click “Uninstall Plug-In…”, and SpamSieve will remove the Mail rules, too.

So what is the new way to set all of this up with the Extension?

The Score/Blue/Spam rules are only for use with the Mail plug-in. However, they are not related to the drone setup.

The Remote Training rule for the drone setup can still be used with the Mail extension. Nothing needs to be changed. I do recommend setting SpamSieve to move trained spam messages to the Junk mailbox, as this lets you use the simpler remote training setup where you don’t have to modify the script.

ok… I’ll take another shot starting from just configuring the extension and as if I have never used the Plugin… and from there make the appropriate changes. Using the TrainGood/Spam folder approach on a central machine has probably been the best thing for managing spam I have ever used… and thank you for that work.

An update Michael…

Re-read the docs… moved to the Extension … and I have to say I think I might actually like this better than the original plugin. Thank you… this is great stuff!

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