SpamSieve 3 - lost/retrieve prior corpus file

In the process of updating to SpamSieve 3 and updating the OSX, I trashed the folder in the library containing years worth of corpus data (inadvertently done to assure a “clean” install"). I’m now re-training with ver-3 successfully, but wonder if that’s the best strategy --or should I retrieve the prior corpus file using TimeMachine and import that data so as to merge with about 2 weeks of new effort.

If retrieval is the right option, I would appreciate detailed instructions for how to merge this data.

Many thanks in advance!

There is no way to merge the data. You could either continue with the new data or delete it and import the old data. If you were getting good filtering results before, I would generally recommend keeping the old data. To go back to the old data:

  1. Quit SpamSieve.
  2. Open the Library folder, then Application Support, then find the SpamSieve folder and rename it to SpamSieve3.
  3. Find the folder /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/SpamSieve/ in your Time Machine backup and restore it.
  4. When you relaunch SpamSieve, it will ask if you want to import from SpamSieve 2, and you would check all the boxes:

Thanks for the information. As it turns out, SpamSieve wasn’t marking emails automatically. I assumed that was because of starting from scratch with the corpus. Instead, I re-installed the application (with option/check now) and bingo … marking emails and moving to the junk folder works

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Yes, it is always a good first step to check the log to see whether the messages are being processed.