SpamSieve 3 - missing UI in Mail


“so the SpamSieve training commands will no longer appear in Mail. Instead, the training commands will be in the SpamSieve menu bar icon and in the Dock icon.”

reads like a minor change - but this gives me some trouble. I run a two screen setup - one of the screens is my Macbook screen and the space there for menu bar icons is limited. But this is the screen for AppleMail too. So no way to access the “train as spam” commands without having to move the mail window to the larger screen and access the SpamSieve menu bar icon there. Please add an UI to AppleMail again!



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Even with the menu bar icon not visible, you can still access the SpamSieve training commands for Apple Mail or Outlook from the Dock icon or via the hotkeys:

  • Command-Control-S for Train as Spam
  • Command-Control-G for Train as Good

With macOS Sonoma, it’s no longer possible to add menu commands directly in Apple Mail. Maybe in a future version I could add some toolbar buttons in a floating window. Would that be helpful?

for my setup a floating window would not fix my problem. The mail window is running fullscreen on the Macbook screen - no room for the floating window.

by the way: SpamSieve is still a fantastic app