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Spamsieve & Airmail ??

I know the question is on the forum but I do not speak English also I rephrase the question as long as I use “spamsieve” in trial period:
Does it work with Airmail and if so how?
thank you in advance
(Automatic tranlation)

Yes, Airmail has built-in support for using SpamSieve. Please see the instructions here.

ok many thank’s
i try translateWith automatic translation it seems very complicated to configure.
There is no script for “Airmail”?

No script is needed because Airmail has built-in SpamSieve support. You basically just need to click three checkboxes: “Message Content”, “Attachments”, and “Use SpamSieve”.

I’m sorry but I’m trying to follow the translation of the instructions & I can not seem to understand. Is there a translation problem? It is possible because I am not a novice
i ave no “Use SpamSieve”

thanks for the help

I’m not sure which localization you are using. Here’s what the two screens look like for me.

Airmail Accounts More.pngAirmail SpamSieve.png

ok one picture all is clear and ok many thank’s for your “Patience” & “complaisance”
topic can be closed all is ok
thank’s again