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SpamSieve always shows welcome box on startup of Apple Mail

Since installing SpamSieve 2.8.2 every time I start Apple Mail on OSX 10.6.3 I get the Welcome to SpamSieve window and the statistics window.

I set up the program according to the instructions. I’ve even deleted it according to the website with the details on how to delete it and reinstalled and reset it up.

But I still get the Welcome screen and statistics every time. The program seems to be working ok but the constant welcome screen and statistics screen on start up are quite annoying.

Any ideas??


SpamSieve shows the Welcome window when the corpus does not contain at least one spam message and one good message. (You can probably see this in the Statistics window.) This occurs if you haven’t trained it or if the corpus file has become damaged and SpamSieve is unable to read it or save further changes to disk. In this second case, you could open the Console application and look in the All Messages section to see any relevant error messages.