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SpamSieve and Airmail

Hi Guys

Airmail Beta 241 is using Plugin - I use SpamSieve but they are stopping it as item but want to use a plugin.

Are you guys developing a plugin for airmail - and if so - when is it due to be available.

Thanks heaps.

It’s not clear to me why you want a plug-in. The current beta of Airmail 1.4 (241) has built-in support for SpamSieve.

Airmail Preferences.png

Got told tonight that’s being removed in result of option for plugin

Got told by airmail support because spamsieve isn’t loading automatically in the current 241 beta

I had not heard that, but I will check with the developers to see what their plans are. I just tested SpamSieve with the Airmail 241 beta, and it seems to be working normally.

The Airmail developer told me that there are no changes with the SpamSieve integration in Airmail 1.4 (241). It should still work. They are developing a plug-in system, and it’s possible that one day we will use plug-ins to integrate SpamSieve with Airmail, but right now: no changes.

Well it ain’t working and they told me that they aren’t supporting it … So someone is lying !

I will send an email back saying it a see what they say!

Geez companies piss me off !

Try training a message as spam and see what happens. If it doesn’t work, please see Sending in an Error Report.

That’s not the problem when u start the beta 241 version spamsieve just doesn’t load.

When you use previous versions it did as well as the actual apple store version

When I asked them I got told

“Tony, first, I’ll assume you are a registered owner of SpamSieve and you have it installed on your Mac. If that’s the case, you need to start Airmail, then check the box for SpamSieve, and it will stay checked. It’s probably a moot point anyway as we will be shortly removing the SpamSieve capability from Airmail. Now that Airmail has the capability for plugins, all add-on products like this must be created by the actual developer and added as a plugin.”

See what I mean ?

So are you saying that everything works except that Airmail doesn’t auto-launch SpamSieve when Airmail launches? Does it launch SpamSieve when you train a message as spam?

I have trained multiple messages. It doesn’t detect emails and can’t determine whether spam or not if it’s not switched on ie not an active application

Does that make sense ?

Hi again

Just got an email from airmail saying that they have spoken to you and that the problem will be sorted in the next beta release of airmail

Seems there was a miscommunication or an amendment to their policy after you spoke to them

Interesting hey ?

Thanks for your help on this one

So are you saying that the detection works if you manually launch SpamSieve when you launch Airmail?

Yes thats correct. I believe that Spamsieve works perfectly - however Airmail isn’t loading it -even though you set it to …

I also understand that it will be repaired in the next Beta release of Airmail.

According to them.