SpamSieve and Apple Mail Rules

SpamSieve is doing a great job at properly catching spam and not good messages, with only occasional errors. However, I have lately started getting a lot of messages with the same words (such as Welfare Priority) in the sender name. I have set up Apple Mail rules to send these directly to the trash, but it is not happening. The rules work properly, but apparently only on the inbox and SpamSieve is sending these messages to the spam folder before Apple Mail can act. I think I have the rules set up correctly in order (the Apple rules are above the SpamSieve “Rescue Good Messages SpamSieve” rule). Anyone know how to fix this so that Apple Mail sends these messages to trash before they even get considered by SpamSieve?

I don’t think that’s the problem because Apple Mail rules are applied before SpamSieve’s Mail extension and inbox check. The Rescue Good Messages SpamSieve rule is irrelevant because it only processes messages that are not eligible for Apple Mail rules, anyway. Maybe you have a server junk filter that’s catching these messages before Mail’s rules?

You may want to create SpamSieve blocklist rules for these more spammy messages, and then you can set SpamSieve and the rescue script to move the most spammy messages to the trash.

Thanks. I will work on that. Great program, by the way