SpamSieve and Exchange

I use Apple Mail. GoDaddy has recently required its users to switch from plain vanilla imap to MS Exchange. SpamSieve was working fine with imap, but now that it’s an Exchange server there are download stalls and some messages not downloading at all. If I move the problem emal to another folder on the online Exchange account, that change is immediately reflected on my desktop Apple Mail.
SpamSieve rules and settings seem to be in place. Is there any known issue with Exchange servers that might be gumming things up?

The account type doesn’t matter to SpamSieve, since it’s Mail that moves the messages. However, I have heard that the GoDaddy Exchange servers can be slow or unreliable with Mail. Is it specifically spam messages that are not moving/downloading or just a general problem that you’re seeing?

Thanks, Michael. Not just spam but other ‘good’ messages too. But very unpredictable and inconsistent.

Also, back when this first happened I spent quite a bit of time online with GoDaddy, and they in the end said Apple Mail is to blame for any problems.

About two years ago, when we first transitioned to GoDaddy, Exchange didn’t work at all and they told us to just use a regular imap account instead. But now Microsoft support is ending for those types of accounts so we are forced to use Exchange.

Two months ago, when we first installed the Exchange server and had that problem we ‘solved’ the problem by turning off SpamSieve. That solved the missing-mail issues but of course terminated all the SpamSieve features. I thought we could go back to SpamSieve, so I reactivated it a couple days ago, and then started having this ‘missing mail’ problem again.

So if as you say it shouldn’t matter what kind of server the mail is on, then activating SpamSieve at the same time as mail starts to disappear can only be coincidental, and the problem must lie elsewhere.

Well, I’m not sure what “missing mail” refers to. Is that the “some messages not downloading” from your initial post or is it a separate issue?

If there’s a problem with a Mail rule moving messages from an Exchange mailbox, and the only time you do that is when using the SpamSieve rule, that’s not a coincidence but it’s also not because of SpamSieve. There may be a way to adjust the rule to work around the issue.

Do you have Store junk messages on the server checked under Mailbox Behaviors for your Exchange account?

Thanks, Michael. “Missing mail” referred to mail that was in the Inbox on Exchange but never downloaded to my desktop Mail, either to its Inbox or into its Junk folder.

I saw this note in the manual:

7.6.5 Turning Off the GoDaddy Spam Filter
GoDaddy has two levels of junk mail filtering. The mail servers (both Exchange and IMAP) have built-in global spam filtering (affecting all users) that cannot be disabled. There are also per-user additional settings that can be disabled by selecting Turn off filtering.

I don’t think this is related to mail in the Exchange inbox not downloading to Apple Mail, but it sounds like I should be checking the Junk box on Exchange to make sure nothing is getting diverted there, or at least that’s how I read 7.6.5. There are some sender-specific settings I can adjust in Exchange rules but they don’t seem to have anything to do with the senders whose mail was not downloaded into Apple Mail.

But as of today and the past weekend, I’m not seeing any mail that was not properly handled, but I’ll continue to keep an eye on it.

Many thanks for your attention.


Have you checked SpamSieve’s log to see whether the messages are mentioned there?

Do you have Store junk messages on the server checked under Mailbox Behaviors for your Exchange account?

This is talking about how to turn off the filter, not where to look for messages. The messages would be in the same Exchange Junk mailbox that should be visible in Apple Mail.

For several years I used GoDaddy to host my personal domain. I did not have a website - only email. I experienced multiple mail problems. I would get Problem #X resolved and a few months (or weeks) later Problem X+1 would happen. After working with several different GoDaddy support people, I finally learn GoDaddy preferred to put domains that did not have websites on older, small servers which were the last ones given attention.

In the end, I decided to find another hosting company. Surprisingly there was little interest in hosting a domain that only involved email. I ended up using RackSpace. When I moved to them, they actually had tools that performed almost all the work I had to do manually when moving to other hosts.

I have heard similar stories. We have a list of recommended mail hosts here.

Thinks seem to be working ok now. GoDaddy did force us to switch from their generic imap to Exchange and maybe they’re continuing to tweak their settings. Will advise if things head south again.