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SpamSieve and Gmail

I’ve searched for answers to this question, but believe it or not, I haven’t found the answer I’m looking for. I use SpamSieve with Mail on Mountain Lion with my spam mailbox = Junk. I just added a Gmail account to my repertoire. Gmail has its own spam filter (obviously) and so spam winds up in my Gmail’s spam mailbox before SpamSieve sees it, which doesn’t bother me, but when there are false positives, how do I move the messages back to my Inbox from within Mail?

Personally, I would disable Gmail’s spam filter so that all the messages go through SpamSieve. This can help reduce false positives, and any that there are will be in SpamSieve’s mailbox.

Another option would be to make sure that your inbox is on the Favorites Bar in Mail. Then there will be an automatic keyboard shortcut (under Mailbox > Move to Favorite Mailbox) for moving messages to the inbox. On my Mac, this is Control-Command-1. You would need to take care to only use this shortcut for the messages in Gmail’s Spam mailbox; for the SpamSieve mailbox you should use the SpamSieve training command.

Thanks. When I set up the “From:@” filter in Gmail, does it have to be the first one?

I don’t think so, unless you have other filters that send messages to spam.

Me too, and I can’t quite get a handle on the setup.

SpamSieve is the first rule, sending spam to On My Mac | Spam |

In addition to spam being there, I am also getting it in Gmail | Spam. I thought GMail spam filtering was automatic. Apparently I can turn that off in Gmail?

What is your question?

Gmail’s spam filter is on by default but can be turned off as noted above.

OK, I just created a filter in Gmail to Never Send to Spam so that should do the trick. It will be nice to finally get all the spam in one folder. Thanks for a brilliant product and the quick support responses.

Gmail spam filter

My system is; mail from several Earthlink accounts are fetched into Gmail, joining other Gmail messages. Airmail (with SpamSieve) then fetches mail from Gmail.

I have set up this filter but Gmail continues to catch spam. However, Airmail or SpamSieve appears to catch these messages also and places them in the Airmail Spam folder! I have Gmail set to retrieve mail from Earthlink (spam disabled)

So, if Gmail sees these messages as Spam, is SpamSieve bringing them through to Airmail? Does “training” SpamSieve really work in this circumstance if Gmail is going to always catch spam? In other words, if I “Train as good” in Airmail - will the next message like that get through Gmail??

My understanding is that Airmail only sends the inbox messages to SpamSieve for analysis. So if Gmail is catching the messages as Spam, I would expect them to go the Gmail Spam mailbox and not get sent to SpamSieve.

Training SpamSieve will not prevent a server filter from putting good messages in the Spam mailbox. That’s why I recommend turning off server filters if possible.

I’m not sure why “From:@” isn’t working for you. Maybe you can experiment with some other filter criteria that try to match every message to find something that works.

Here are the updated instructions: Turning Off the Gmail Spam Filter.