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SpamSieve and IMAP-Acc using SpamAssassin

Hi Michael,

I’m using the trial version of SpamSieve and really am considering to buy it, since it’s already catching most of my spam messages after only a few days.

The only problem I’ve got is when I use it with the IMAP-Account that is running SpamAssassin. I’ve manually added a blacklist rule that tells SpamSieve to block every message that contains “Spam detection software, running on the system”. The rule works fine, if I manually apply rules in AppleMail (control-apple-l), but it doesn’t work when it runs the rules automatically every time I get mail. The SpamSieve rule is already on top of the other rules. Have you got an idea what I could do?


Solved it!
Sorry Michael,

I finally understood what was the problem: My ISP configured the SpamAssassin E-Mails to be moved in a folder named “Junk”. This caused them to be displayed in my intelligent folder “New messages”, because I didn’t exclude this folder from being showed. Everything is perfect. Should have checked this before posting…