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SpamSieve and interaction with Outlook 2016 Junk Mail filtering

I recently moved from Outlook 2011 to Office 365 and Outlook 2016. I’ve been using SpamSieve for several years and it’s been great. Now I’m finding I have to launch a “helper app” manually (“Outlook - Filter Messages”) every time I want to check my email, and I’m not so sure it’s working right. However, I’ve run the test for Outlook 2016 and it seems to be catching spam and marking it as such.

I recall that in Outlook 2011 one of the first steps was to disable Outlook’s native junk e-mail protection. However, there’s no reference to this tool in Outlook 2016 or in SpamSieve’s setup instructions for OL 2016. I’m a little confused; does Outlook '16 play OK with SpamSieve without changing those settings? And…do those “settings” even still exist?

All of my email accounts are POP; no IMAP or Exchange servers involved.

I just want to make sure I’ve set things up correctly, since it seems like a lot has changed under the hood.



You could also set it as a login item so that you don’t have to launch it manually. If you want to see more about what it’s doing, you could enable debug logging and then search for “Filter Mailboxes” in Console.

The settings no longer exist because Microsoft removed Outlook’s junk filter.