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SpamSieve and Postbox: Seems to disable some commands

Hi Michael

I have recently switched from Mail to Postbox. I installed SpamSieve (of course!) and after a while began to see problems with a few commands:

  • The shift-command-K shortcut to set up a complex search would not work at all. Couldn’t access that function in any way, keystroke or not.
  • The E shortcut to archive emails started working intermittently. It seemed to have trouble when email threads were on different accounts and the normal warning dialog that pops up and asks if you want all emails in the thread to go to the same place stopped appearing.
  • Clicking the Archive icon resulted in the same problem – had no effect on the selected message, and didn’t give me a warning either.
  • Other aspects having to do with searches, filtering and so on appeared to have problems but I’m not yet familiar enough with the app to definitively evaluate those.

When I used Help > Trouble Shooting and relaunched in Safe Mode (which disables Add-Ons) everything started working normally again. SpamSieve is my only add-on.

I don’t want to lose SpamSieve’s filtering but it’s making Postbox difficult to use.

I have Postbox 3.0.11 and SpamSieve 2.9.19, with the 1.05 version of the Plug-In. I’m running OS 10.10.2 on a 15" Retina Macbook Pro.

Thanks for your help with this.

No one else has reported any of those problems, and the SpamSieve add-on doesn’t hook into any of those other features. So I wonder if it’s just a coincidence that safe mode helped. Do the problems come back if you launch Postbox normally? If so, does it help to launch SpamSieve normally but uninstall the SpamSieve add-on?

That was a heckuva good question. I restarted and turned the plug-in back on. So far, no strange behavior. So maybe it was something unrelated, or the build-up of some cached data, or who knows what?

I’ll see if it comes back or not. In the meantime, though, isn’t the plug-in required in order to make SpamSieve work correctly? If not, what does the plug-in do?