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SpamSieve and Stubborn Spam I continue to receive

SpamSieve and Stubborn Spam I continue to receive

I have been using SpamSieve for a long time. I think I started in 2004 or 2005. I like the program, but in the last few years I continue to “train” it to recognize spam, but my mailbox is still littered with this junk. How can a stop it? I use Apple Mail (11.5) with SpamSieve (2.9.32).

I am afraid that if I use the unsubscribe option in these emails I will get even more spam.

Here is a brief selection of the spam I received in the six days that SpamSieve failed to catch:

• SnoreBGone: peyghlotrfocu@njguamjxukrba.bleishahaydnquen.com
• Artic Blast: wybbyqvhwpv@fmtshkjicjmxthtdc.gidgeewapatoeutaw.com
• Cruise Concierge: eals@cruisebuilder.com
• Key Bank: obbody@comcast.net
• Medicare Matchup: jyrjrhdsxtatmfluexv@qwvvsnvoybgkygo.kaitalib.com
• Life Line Screening partners: dgmlkruolmpsec@coxchtrqrurohaajftl.hlustixtsi.com
• Amazon (This is a phising email): gabriell564@comcast.net
• Loan Advisor: jejnscfdwphiypoyjer@xwjotpwpatxwxx.borougherigonepunisher.com
• CreditID123: apkoerljdlgkthxuwx@blolssukj.keanscrub.com
• Colombano: honeysucklen@math.ucalgary.ca
• HARP Exension 2018: dfvqixoxnidvibk@rmligwokorvfempeagh.vectionplacablenessdesmidian.com
• National Family Life: ntesvtnldok@pjxoxxdnmmqwhy.contagiositywresterlevelly.com
• Transformation Insider: X1Pcyp@ZaPDLFw.mogulforagiftcutes.com

I could go on. But, given the odd email addresses these senders are using, why is it so difficult to write code that will stop this assault on people’s privacy?


There are many reasons this could be happening. I suggest that you send in a diagnostic report.

Diagnostic Report

Thanks. Here’s my Diagnostic Report.


It looks like the SpamSieve rule in Mail’s preferences is inactive, so SpamSieve is turned off. You can check the box to turn it back on.