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SpamSieve colors, but does not move, all spam

Just today, SpamSieve has stopped moving all the items it marks as Spam to the Spam folder. It moves some of them (roughly half), but not all. I’ve changed nothing to my set up from when it was moving all messages to the spam folder.

It does color Spam messages appropriately, but it’s leaving them in my Inbox, as the screenshot shows.

I’m using Snow Leopard, Apple Mail (v 4.2), and I’ve just upgraded to SpamSieve 2.8.2 (from 2.8.1) to see if that would address this problem. It didn’t.

No one else has reported this issue, so it’s probably something specific to your Mac. Please send the file:


to spamsieve@c-command.com and I’ll check your setup. Also, if you open the /Applications/Utilities/Console program and look in the All Messages section, are there any error messages there from Mail?

Thanks for sending the file and log info. It looks like Mail is encountering errors moving the messages to the Spam mailbox. Some possible remedies:

  1. Delete the Spam mailbox, create a new one, and then set the SpamSieve rule to move the messages into the new Spam mailbox.
  2. Rebuild Mail’s database. To do this, quit Mail and delete the file:

/Users/<username>/Library/Mail/Envelope Index