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SpamSieve configuration on non-drone Macs


I think I have successfully setup a Mac Mini at home to be my SpamSieve drone. My question is this: Should SpamSieve on the non-drone Macs have the “Preferences/Training/Learning/Auto-train with incoming email” unchecked?


With the drone setup, SpamSieve is only installed on the drone Mac.

Thanks Michael. So I should uninstall SpamSieve on all non-Drone Macs. Got you.

Although I expect the drone to be left on 24x7 I’m just thinking of the odd infrequent occasion when I have to take the drone off-line for more than just a short while. I guess I could install SpamSieve on my laptop, but then how do I bring over the corpus from the drone?

Michael, isn’t it enough to uncheck all the SpamSieve rules in the non-drone Macs?

Yes, or at least uncheck the rules. I generally recommend not having it installed so that you don’t accidentally train the wrong copy of SpamSieve.

Please see this page.