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SpamSieve console messages on MacBook Pro

I’ve just transitioned over to a new MacBook Pro and have upgraded to SpamSieve 2.5 and am noticing some error messages in my console.log that I’ve never seen before:

2006-11-15 09:08:50.581 SpamSieve[2295] MJTResourceFile.m:322 -get1ResourceType:index:: Get1IndResource -4942
2006-11-15 09:08:50.581 SpamSieve[2295] Error Get1IndResource -4942 loading sounds at path /Users/cgervais/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Entourage Sound Sets/Microsoft Sound Set

Can anyone else confirm these messages?

These errors are normal on Intel Macs with the current version of the OS, and they are not a cause for concern.