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SpamSieve crashes Apple Mail

We have many Macs running OSX 10.10.3, Apple Mail 8.2 (2098) and SpamSieve 2.9.19. We don’t use any other plugins in Apple Mail.
On most Macs (not all) the “Train as spam” command is a) very very slow, or b) freezes Apple Mail.

Even though the SpamSieve rule is set to move marked mail to the Spamfolder and mark them as read,
junk mail (colored, Junklabeled and unread) shows up in Inbox window or “Today’s” smart folder which is set to not show mail from Spam folder.
Strange. And we can’t find what’s causing it. Any clues?

We have uninstalled and reinstalled SpamSieve and the Apple Mail plug-in several times
We find SpamSieves behaviour strangely unsatisfactory since a couple of months back. It used to work perfect for years.

The title of your post says “crash,” but it sounds like Mail is not unexpectedly quitting or showing the crash reporter. You are just getting slowness and/or hangs. Is that right? Please see the If Apple Mail Is Running Slowly section of the manual.

Do you mean the Inbox mailbox or the Today smart mailbox, or both? There should never be any messages colored as spam in the actual inbox. If you have a smart mailbox, you can double-click a message to open it in its own window. Then Command-click in the window’s title bar to see which mailbox it is in. Then make sure that this mailbox is excluded from your smart mailbox. You may have more than one mailbox called Spam and the smart mailbox is excluding only one of them.

Reinstalling will generally not help anything and can cause problems if you don’t do it properly. If you are experiencing a problem, it is better to look for a specific remedy in the manual or to ask for help.

I’m sorry to hear that, but in order to help you I would need a more specific description of what the other problems are.

Spinning cursor for a long time, even if it is only a few spam mail been marked as Train as spam.
Mail hangs and a right click on the icon in the dock says: Force quit. It does not unexpectedly quit.
But we do get a crash report after forced quit and restart.

If it doesn’t unexpectedly quit, then it’s not crashing, and you are probably seeing a hang report. Did you try the suggestions in the manual?

ok, I have replaced and installed three new SpamSieve rules, [Score], [Blue][Grey] and [Spam] and it is working fine.
Also, set the two parameters to YES and we’ll thoruogh the next few days if it has any impact.

After following the instructions in manual “Faster Apple Mail Traning”:
Whenever I activate “Train as spam” on a mail this window pops up. I don’t know why or what to do. Market mail goes to my Spamfolder, but it is annoying seeing this popup window every time.


The faster training option needs you to set up the Favorites bar as described. Did you do this?

The reason the messages are still going to the Spam mailbox is that SpamSieve falls back on the slower way if you haven’t set up things up for GUI scripting.