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SpamSieve Crashing Mail

It was working fine for me, but after the last update it crashed mail whenever I try and launch the program, it starts to check, but as soon as it calls SpamSieve it crashed. I had to remove the bundle to get it to work.

I have attached my crash log from mail.

According to the crash log, the SpamSieve plug-in wasn’t doing anything during the crash. It looks like Mail crashed while evaluating some rules with address book criteria and while parsing some HTML. Have you tried restarting your Mac? What happens if you install the SpamSieve plug-in but uncheck the SpamSieve rule?

Just happen again. The exact same thing. And the fix is to uninstall the Spam Sieve Bundle, and let Mail open, then deal with all the mail it marked as Spam. And then re-install Spam Sieve and restart mail, and the problem seems fixed, for a while at least.

Same problem
I’m having the same problem. I uninstalled spam sieve and my mail was okay. Reinstalled and it keeps crashing

It doesn’t sound like the same problem, because for the previous poster reinstalling made it stop crashing.

When you say that you uninstalled SpamSieve, what do you mean, exactly? Please send me the crash logs from Mail:


so that I can see why it’s crashing.

crash log
Hi Michael,
I just opened mail and it was working fine
I then tagged a message as spam and it crashed.
Here’s the log.

This crash was caused by Mail’s junk filter (which SpamSieve trains in addition to its own). Deleting the file:


which is probably damaged, should stop it from crashing.