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SpamSieve Crashing The Finder

Over the past while I have had frequent Finder crashes, apparently caused by SpamSieve. The Finder hangs up, displays a message that says it can’t launch SpamSieve, and then ceases to function. Force Quite shows a blank box, no links work, and nothing opens - all Finder related tasks.

Is there an easy ‘uninstall’ for SpamSieve, or is there a remedial step I should take?

Thanks - I need to resolve this soon, as it’s a pain in the neck to constantly have to do a hard restart!


Does this occur if your mail program isn’t running, and you simply double-click SpamSieve from the Finder? Could you write down exactly what the error message says?

It sounds like maybe your copy of the SpamSieve application is damaged. You could try deleting it and replacing it with a freshly downloaded copy. (There’s probably no need to “uninstall” anything else.)