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Spamsieve crashing when I select more than one email to "Train as spam" on 10.8.2

Hi there,

I’m running Apple Mail 6.1 and Spamsieve 2.9.5 on Mountain Lion version 10.8.2 on a Macbook Pro with retina display. Any time I select more than one message to “Train as Spam,” Mail crashes. If I select only one message and do the same thing, it works. Please advise.

Please see the Sending in Crash Log Files page.

Unfortunately, the Crash Reporter is not coming up at all. I’m happy to send the log, though, so please tell me where to send it. Also, removing the bundle files didn’t work. I removed and reinstalled them and it’s still crashing if I select more than one message at a time.

Please send it to spamsieve@c-command.com.

Thanks for sending the crash log. The SpamSieve manual suggests removing other Mail bundles (and not reinstalling them) to see whether the other bundles are the cause of the crash. In this case, it looks like the crash was caused by MailTags. You are using 3.1.3 of MailTags, so perhaps updating to 3.1.4 will help.