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SpamSieve Creating Local Spam Folder Automatically


I have the current version of SpamSieve working with Apple Mail. This setup resides on a home MAC server that I run 24hrs to control incoming spam for all of my iOS and MAC PC’s.

The mail account is an IMAP account. The SpamSieve appears to be correctly set up to move identified spam email to a Spam folder on iCloud.
'On My Mac" doesn’t contain a Spam folder at this point in time.

However, when SpamSieve correctly identifies and attempts to move spam email, it creates a Folder titled “Spam” under On My Mac, and places the Spam in that directory.

Any suggestions to what is up here? This only started happening with the latest version of SpamSieve.


I don’t think there have been any changes in the way SpamSieve works here. Please see Using a Spam Mailbox on the Server if you want to change the default behavior.

Thanks for your help. I believe its working now.