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SpamSieve deactivates Mail rules and next launch of Mail reactivates it - annoying

Hello Michael

for unknown reason SpamSieve has started giving me these messages

sometimes I get:

SpamSieve has deactivated Mail rule

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 13.21.47.png

and if I quit Mail & SpamSieve and relaunch Mail I get

SpamSieve has activated Mail rule

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 13.22.44.png

Getting annoying

This is normal if the plug-in is not enabled or if Mail is not running. However, a few people have also reported this happening in other circumstances. I’m trying to figure out what’s causing this. Could you tell me whether you are launching SpamSieve before Mail or whether it seems like Mail is taking more than a few seconds to launch?


the plugin is enabled since my last update to Mojave
and was working normally

SpamSieve launches after Mail, automatically, I see it briefly appear in the dock
is Mail taking a few longer seconds to launch? if so it would me milliseconds, as I do not see any longer bouncing in the dock

It does not happens all the time, but yesterday was at every launch I had a SpamSieve alert ( deactivated or activated )

Mail version 12.0 (3445.100.39)
SpamSieve 2.9.33

OK, this sounds like a different issue that what some others have reported. Please click this link to enable some debug logging. Then, the next time this happens, please send in a diagnostic report.

I’ll do

I made some changes in the SpamSieve 2.9.34b1 public beta that should help with this.

It did, thank you Michael

It does it again , diagnostic report sent

This should be improved in SpamSieve 2.9.34b3.

Same Problem
I am having the same issue. I have successfully installed SpamSieve, given it the appropriate permissions, etc.

Every time I quit and restart Mail, when SpanSieve loads I get the same deactivation message as above. If I quit and restart again (or just quit and restart SpamSieve), the plug-ins get reactivated. I am using SpamSieve version 2.9.34b3.


Right after the next time this happens, please send in a diagnostic report.

Same Problem
I have the same problem. Diagnostic Report is sent.

Looking forward for a solution.

Thanks for the report. I think the SpamSieve 2.9.34 public beta version will work much better for you.

Same problem but I followed the link to install SpamSieve version 2.9.34b3. Got the error message again, as soon as Mail opened.

So, from my UX, no change.


SpamSieve 2.9.34b4 is now available. Please try that.

SAme Problem

I have this same problem. I am running SpamSieve 2.9.34.

Bob K.

Please see If SpamSieve Tells You the Plug-In Isn’t Loading, But It Is.

I read past the suggestion you mention and deleted DataVaults; this solved my problem. Actually I have found Mojave to be very slo-o-o-ow on my old iMac. Deleting Mail’s DataVaults sped up startup (after login), my web browser, mail, and other apps. I’m not sure I understand enough to know why deleting that (Mail) folder sped my system up so much but the difference is noticeable, very obvious. Thanks! I was ready to downgrade to High Sierra.

I made some more changes in the SpamSieve 2.9.35b1 public beta that should help with this.