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SpamSieve deletes New Messages in Mail


today it was the third time since i’ve installed spamsieve, that after receiving all the new mails wich displays in the inbox and the spam folder.
after clicking on any folder the number of the mails in the spam folder are gone and back in the inbox all new mails are gone too.
after searching with spotlight i’ve found the lost messages from wich i remember something.
after opening the founded mail and click on “show the original position” or something else the mail doesn’t show up in mail.

so the mail is still there but couldn’t indexed from mail anymore.

so, what to do to eliminate the problem for the future???

thx alot and best regards


I don’t think this has anything to do with SpamSieve. Rather, it appears that Mail’s index file is damaged. If you quit Mail and move the file:

/Users/<username>/Library/Mail/Envelope Index

to the trash, Mail will build a new index file and find all your messages again. Also, you should run Disk Utility to repair your drive, as there might be a problem that caused the Envelope Index to become damaged in the first place.

michael, your my hero :wink:
i thought it has something to do with the index but couldn’t find any help or hint by google’ing

thx so much!!!