SpamSieve Disastrous Upgrade

I upgraded my 1 user license to 2 users on Sept 15. Today I upgrade to 3.0 and it fails utterly. 3.0 will not accept my license code. What is worse is the when I enter the license code and hit “personalize”, the program alters the entered license code. What in the hell were you thinking when you issued this upgrade?

An please tell me what software company would sell a new license and 2 weeks later issue an upgrade that the purchaser from 2 weeks ago is not entitled to?

I’ve been a user for maybe 10 years now, but this may be the end.

When it rejects the old serial number, the error message says:

It looks like you have a valid license for a previous version. If you haven’t upgraded yet, please click “Check Upgrade Options” to update your license for SpamSieve.

This is what the window looks like:

Did you try clicking the Check Upgrade Options button?

As noted in the announcement, everyone who purchased in 2023 gets a free upgrade. So, actually, if you are using a new license that was issued this month, the button probably says Get Free Upgrade.