SpamSieve does not have access to my contacts

I am getting the error “SpamSieve does not have access to your Contacts” in the log, however there is no prompt to request contacts access. I’ve tried resetting the address book permissions with removed all the applications that had contacts access, but that didn’t work. Quitting and relaunching Mail does not prompt for contacts either. SpamSieve has full disk access and automation access.

Running 3.0.1 on Ventura 13.4.1.

You will probably need to relaunch SpamSieve in order to get the prompt, or you can manually give access to SpamSieve from System Settings ‣ Privacy & Security ‣ Contacts. If SpamSieve does not appear in the list there, and you don’t get a prompt, you may need to reset the system privacy database using this Terminal command:

tccutil reset AddressBook

There’s more information here.

Relaunching does not give the prompt even after running the tccutil command. Interestingly there are no +/- buttons to add applications on the address book privacy pane. I’ll try restarting the computer when I get home. Some of the other options have the +/- like full disk access.

Yes, that is normal. (Not sure why Apple designed it that way.) You can only add access there once there has been a prompt.

I updated to 13.6.1 last night. Still no prompts for the contacts access. Also tried it on another account on the same computer and didn’t get a prompt. I reinstalled the app a few days ago with no change. Do you want the diagnostic logs? I looked through those but I don’t know what I’m looking for. :slight_smile:

I restarted everything again and SpamSieve prompted me for contacts access. Interestingly, Alfred did as well (since it was removed when I reset the permissions). Something must have been broken on the MacOS side. All good now!

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