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SpamSieve does not open when Entourage opens..

I did a clean install of the scripts and the rules, the rules work as tested using the on-line “7.1 Why is SpamSieve not catching my spam?”.
However, in Apple Mail, SpamSieve opens when Mail does, and does a great job catching junk, but in Entourage, it does not open, aand nothing happens to the junk mails…
What am I missing?
(Entourage 11.2.5)

It’s not supposed to open when Entourage does, only when there’s new incoming mail to process. Does it open if you select a spam message in Entourage and choose Message > Apply Rule > All Rules? Perhaps there’s another rule above the SpamSieve one that’s interfering; you could try dragging the SpamSieve one to the top. Do you have any Mailing List Manager rules?

It does open when “choose Message > Apply Rule > All Rules”
but not when new messages are being recived.
And yes, I have trained.
The SpamSieve are the top rules and there are no List Manager Rules.
Also, in Hotmail, Move if Span, does not have any effect. The second rule Move Messages, does work.
I’m lost…

If you add an action to the (first) SpamSieve rule to play a sound, do you hear the sound when new mail is received? Which account types (POP, IMAP, Hotmail, etc.) are you using, and do you have SpamSieve rules for each of them?

Adding a sound action does not work as the default sound takes over. (new mail) the sound I selected as a rule was Message Error.
I have both POP and Hotmail.
SpamSieve will start when new mail is rec. in POP but not in Hotmail.
In both casses, nothing goes to Junk, and when selecting the script “SpamSieve-train spam” the messages do not move to the junk folders.
Thanks for being so willing to trouble shot this with me!

Could you send me SpamSieve’s log file and some screenshots? Are you using Entourage’s built-in “Junk E-mail” folder, or did you tell SpamSieve to use a different folder?