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SpamSieve does not operate in Mail 10.1 (Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1)

Hi, I use an iMac 27 (end 2012) and have upgraded to Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1 yesterday, coming from El Capitan. Also I have upgraded to the latest version of “Mail”. Since then my SpamSieve has no effect at all. I can see the SpamSieve options in the pull down menu of Mail, but it has absolutely no effect. I de-installed and re-installed, I tried to get a Beta-version of SpamSieve, but whatever I do, SpamSieve is absolutely dead. What can I do?

If nothing happens when you train a message as spam, please check the Console for error messages.

It sounds like Mail is no longer set up to filter new messages through SpamSieve. Please check your rule setup.