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SpamSieve does not quit when Apple Mail quits

In SpamSieve, Preferences, Advanced, I have checked (and I’ve had it checked forever) to “Quit when Mail Client Quits”…

But it doesn’t and never has, at least not for the past couple years ago or so. I don’t care much but I do see people talk about it now and then and I get curious. I quit Apple Mail and SpamSieve just sits there in the dock, still active. I can manually quit or more often it just quits when I log off the computer… But why might it be that, for me, SpamSieve continues even when I quit Apple Mail with the “Quit when Mail Client Quits” checked???

The most likely reason is that Quit when mail client quits does not quit SpamSieve if another mail client is still running.

You can click this link to enable extra debug logging. Then, when you quit Mail and SpamSieve doesn’t quit, the Console app will show an explanation of why SpamSieve didn’t quit. (You can search for QuitWithMailClientLog to find this.) This will also go into the diagnostic report if you save one at that time.