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SpamSieve does not work properly

Hi Michael,

I have been using SpamSieve for many years now, on different hardware, and always been very grateful and satisfied. Now, I just installed SpamSieve on a new Macbook to use ot together with Outlook 14.1 as always. I followed all the instructions setting up the rules etc. , imported my Outlook contacts, imported the year-long corpus from my previous Macbook, BUT: Almost all good messages end up in the Junk Mail, while lots of spam messages are delivered to the inbox. Training does not seem to help, messages from senders marked as good still are sent to Junk, even messages from myself end up in the Junk folder. I revised all the settings several times, I reset the corpus, I reimported the contacts, and cannot find the problem.

Note: Message I mark manually as spam do not end up in the Junk folder but in the Spam folder provided by Outlook. But I have deactivated Outlook’s own spam protection.

Can you help?

Thank you very much

Please see the Why do good messages keep going to the Junk or Spam mailbox? page.

What happens when you test the setup as described on the Checking the Outlook Setup page?

SpamSieve uses the folder specified in Outlook’s Preferences > Accounts > Advanced > Folders. There is not normally a Spam folder provided by Outlook; perhaps this is provided by your mail server.

Problem resolved
HI Michael,

thank you for your help. The problem was resolved, thanks to a change in the Move messages rule. It said “unless any condition is met” instead of “if any condition is met”… I had not realized this subtle difference because I work with Outlook in Spanish, so I had to translate all instructions…