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SpamSieve doesn't launch when I launch Postbox 3.0.9

I don’t know if this bears on my issue, but, I was test trying Airmail w. SpamSieve but decided to stick w. Postbox. SpamSieve launched as expected on launching Airmail. It still does. But, even after moving all Airmail related files and folders to the Trash, and reinstalling the newest Postbox SSv plugin, and re-setting it up as directed in Manual, SSv doesn’t launch when new mail is downloaded. I have waited up to a minute to see if it might Launch eventually, but it didn’t.

If you manually launch SpamSieve, and then use Postbox for a while, does the log show entries for new messages that you’ve received in Postbox or trained?

Apparently no messages have been filtered for several days, which is highly unusual
Yes, I have launched SpamSieve manually to see if it would work despite not having launched auto. Apparently not, because the log shows no messages filtered for the past several days, which in my case would be extraordinary and most unlikely.

If you choose Tools > Add-ons in Postbox, does it show the SpamSieve plug-in in the “Add-ons Manager” window?

yes it is, michael, but I’m trying something, removing the plug-in from Add-ons, then re-installing it. I will test it over the next couple days and if the problem persists I’ll contact you here again. Thanks! :slight_smile: