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Spamsieve doubling "good" emails

Hi there,

I’m using SpamSieve on Mac OS X (latest version) and face a strange problem. Emails which are automatically recognised by Spamsieve are duplicated. While one copy goes (correctly) into my Inbox, another one stays in the Spam folder. Manually training an email from the Spam folder to be “good” correctly moves this email into the inbox.

Any ideas?



Are you using Apple Mail? Are you using Gmail? Are the messages in the inbox colored?

I’m confused about what you are reporting here. Do you mean that SpamSieve automatically recognized good messages as good? If so, they should not be in the Spam mailbox at all. SpamSieve moves spam messages from the inbox to the Spam mailbox. It doesn’t touch the good messages.

I recommend that you check the log to see whether it says that SpamSieve predicted these messages to be good or spam (or neither).

I’m using Apple Mail

I’ve checked the log, Spamsieve sees the email, classifies it as “good” and still I end up with 2 copies of it, one in my inbox and one in my Spam folder

Are you using Gmail?

If SpamSieve classified the message as good, it wouldn’t have moved it to Spam. Please check your other rules (in Mail and on the server) to see whether there are any that move or copy messages to the Spam mailbox.

I’m using iCloud. Only one computer is running a mail client catching the mails and I have a rule in place which “moves” them to the spam folder as described in the Spamsieve documentation. Obviously this is working as the mail shows up in the log. I’ve disabled the Junk mail feature on Mac OS Mail but even if it would be active mails would not go to this “Spam” folder but to one called Junk

Are all good messages ending up in both the inbox and the Spam mailbox? What about the spam?

Could you send in a diagnostic report so that I can check your Mail setup?