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SpamSieve Drone and Multiple Family MobileMe Accounts


I now have SpamSieve doing a superb job on my MobileMe account via a “drone” running on a 24/7 MacMini. I am working on getting this drone to cleanse my work e-mail account as well; we’ll see how it goes.

Thus, the next question: my wife has a MobileMe account different from mine (Family Pack). She is not very computer literate, and primarily reads all her e-mail on her iPhone. Is it possible to set up this MacMini drone to somehow cleanse her account as well as my two accounts?

I’m not sure if this is possible, since although I think I could set everything up in a separate user account for her on the MacMini, I’m not sure how the MacMini would be able to bounce between my user account and hers.

As always, thanks so much for the advice and most excellent support!

You could probably run both accounts simultaneously via Fast User Switching. Or you could configure her mail account within your Mac OS X user account; in that case, you would have to share the same SpamSieve corpus and rules.

Using Fast User Switching to “Drone” Two MobileMe Accounts
Sorry for what is likely a very dumb question, but I don’t understand
how “Fast User Switching” works.

I have “Fast User Switching” enabled. If I set up my wife’s User Account with SpamSieve on the drone computer, do SpamSieve and Mail then always run properly in the background? Id est, if my account is front and center on the drone, will Mail and SpamSieve then ALSO run 24/7 automatically in HER account in the background and do their drone duties?

Thank you!

PS: Specifics- SpamSieve is currently running superbly as a drone with my personal MobileMe account on an old (OS 10.4.11, Mail v 2.1.3 (753.1), SpamSieve v 2.8.6, 1.25 GHz PPC with 256 MB DDR SDRAM) MacMini running 24/7

Yes, if her account is also active, e.g. you had logged into her account, launched Mail, and then fast-user-switched to your account (rather than logging her out).

Thank you
Cool. I’ll try it.

The Setting Up a Spam Filtering Drone section has been updated with instructions for multiple accounts.

Awesome. Thank you.
Your support is superb. I have it running on the drone for both of our MobileMe accounts, and it works perfectly.