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SpamSieve Drone configuration and Big Sur

Just installed the public version of Big Sur. Mail has changed quite a bit. I can’t see how to set up Mail on my non-drone machines to easily drag new spam messages to the TrainSpam folder. Suggestions are welcome.


As far as I’m aware, this works the same way as with Catalina and Mojave. The instructions for setting up the drone are here. For the non-drone Macs, there is nothing that has to be setup. The mailboxes should automatically appear, so that you can drag and drop into them, and Mail still supports the Favorites bar, which lets you use keyboard shortcuts to move messages to certain mailboxes.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I just needed to move the TrainSpam to the Mail “favorites”—making it easier to drag to. It seems the upgrade removed the Favorites.

You can show the Favorites Bar from Mail’s View menu.

Yes, I figure that out. And had to re-add the TrainSpam folder to it.

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