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SpamSieve drone question

So I just started using my 30 day trial of SpamSieve, and I installed it on my “spare” mac. Everything with regard to my IMAP settings and filtering are working very well. I followed the published instructions (macmerc.com) to create a drone as well as remote training.

The way I understand it, SpamSieve should only be installed on the drone mac, right?

Now - where should the “remote good training” and “remote bad training” rules live? On the drone, or my spam-free mac?

Any help would be appreciated.


If you’re using the drone setup, everything—SpamSieve, its data, and the Mail plug-in and rules—goes on the drone Mac. The spam-free computer doesn’t even need to be capable of running SpamSieve; it could be a PC or an iPhone.

That’s what I thought - could I test to see if the scripts are working properly by taking something in the SPAM folder and dragging it into the AddToGood folder to see if it goes into my inbox, and then take the file and put it in the AddToSpam box, and see if it goes back tom my Spam folder?

Should that be more or less instantaneous?


Yes, but I don’t recommend doing that unless the message you’re taking out of the Spam mailbox is actually good (and vice-versa). In other words, don’t lie to SpamSieve.

No, in fact the drone only checks the “AddTo” mailboxes when new messages arrive in the inbox.

I see - that clears some things up - maybe I’m just not waiting long enough.
It appears that a manual check for new mail does not invoke the rule, but if I select the messages and go to “Message -> Apply Rules”, the rules seem to work.

It should—if a new message arrives so that Mail has something to apply the rule to.

That will work, too.

Thanks for your help. On a side note (I’m putting this here, because I just feel too dumb to start a thread about it) - does the SpamSieve application need to be running on the drone (or any) computer for it to be actively filtering, or at this point is the app just used for monitoring and administrative tasks?


SpamSieve needs to be running to do the filtering, but you don’t have to worry about that because Mail will launch it as needed.

Great - thanks for the info! I only wish I had gotten my act together about this a few days ago, when I wasted nearly $40 on a clearmymail account that has been off since I switched to IMAP and installed this great software!