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SpamSieve - Entourage 2008 NOT moving Junk email to Junk folder, please help!!


I have a user who receives all email on a On My Computer folder. I have the Spam Sieve rules on the Exchange portion to Move messages to junk if flagged as junk and to Inbox On My Computer if not spam. Spam gets flagged as spam but does not move into the spam folder unless manually told to by Spam Sieve, even for repeat offenders. If the rule is manually run on the folder the spam moves to the correct folder. The Sapm rules are on the top of the rule list. This is becoming a huge hassle, does any one know what is going on?

Please check that the rules are in the proper order and that they look exactly like the ones shown here.

Yes I can confirm they look EXACTLY like that.

Yes, I can confirm it looks exactly like the link provided.

Hmm I see one set of rules for # Make sure that the SpamSieve - Move If Spam rule is above the SpamSieve - Move Messages rule. was not correct, let’s see if that fixes it.

Now all messages are going to the junk folder, any idea why that is? the rules are set up perfectly.

I disabled the rules in POP for spam sieve and that stopped that from happening.

Which types of accounts are you using? Your first post only mentioned Exchange, in which case no POP rules would be needed.

Please make sure that you’ve disabled Entourage’s built-in junk mail filter and that you have no spam/junk-processing rules other than the SpamSieve ones. If you’ve done that, and the SpamSieve rules are setup as shown, the only messages going to the Junk E-mail folder will be the ones that SpamSieve thinks are spam. You can tell which these are because the log will say “Predicted: Spam” for them. If messages other than those are going to the Junk E-mail folder, please post screenshots of all your Entourage rules so that I can try to see where the problem is.

This older issue has been resolved but every once in a while the user will train a message as spam and it will move to Junk but forthcoming messages from the sender will not go to junk. I confirmed the address is not in the address book and the manual does not offer any more tips for this. Any suggestions?

Unless the user has changed the settings, the way it works is that when you train a message as spam SpamSieve adds the address to the blocklist. If you train a message from that sender as good, SpamSieve will disable (uncheck) the blocklist rule. So I think you should check the blocklist for this rule and/or search the log to see what SpamSieve says about that address.