SpamSieve filter not effective in latest beta

Spamsieve 3.0b5
Apple Mail
Ventura (latest update)

This may be nothing as we are dealing with a beta release.

However, no matter how many times I mark certain emails as NOT SPAM, they keep getting thrown into the Spam Folder. These include Facebook and chat forum notifications that I have marked over and over again as good mail.

Usually, SpamSieve is “spot on” in properly catching spam and keeping good messages where they should be so I suspect this is a beta release issue.

BTW, are all these beta releases universal for both Ventura and Sonoma?

With the normal setup, SpamSieve doesn’t use the Spam folder. The messages would be going to Junk. So you may want to check your setup and whether you intended to do something different.

In any case, the most important thing is to see whether the messages are being moved by SpamSieve or by something else. This can be determined by looking at the messages’ colors or at SpamSieve’s log, as described here. Usually in cases like this it ends up being a server junk filter that was moving the messages.


My apologies. The JUNK folder is what I meant. So, stuff I am marking as GOOD is still going to SPAM but I’ll investigate if it’s the server that is doing that.