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SpamSieve Filtering Spammer using Multiple Subject and Multiple Domains - wont bounce

Spam Sieve On Apple Mail**

Have a very troublesome Spammer they are sending the basic same messages but slightly altering the domain name and the subject.
Have received 75 Spams in past 4 hours

Can’t bounce them as names/domains are phony and the return back as undeliverable/ bad address/bad domain

Spam Sieve is catching them in Spam folder but I have to teach spam sieve on every single message

Could I bounce a message get it back and se if it is resolving to a specific ip address and just block that address range? - potentially bad as some of the mail from these domain might be good.

Average 200 non spam messages a each day - Thanks for any assistance.

Anybody have any ideas ?

I don’t understand. If SpamSieve is catching them automatically, you shouldn’t need to train it with those messages. You only need to correct mistakes.

Smam Mailbox questionks for your help
So Spam no matter what color landing in the SpamSieve Created Spam needs to have anything else done to it? - showing 93.8% correct after one day.The mail is just really annoying garbage that is using server and mailbox space/resources. When the spam messaged is deleted i assume the data base stays active?

Also on 10.6.8 Apple mail the auto teaching function was not available or I could not find it on a menu or pulldown

Normally a PC User with Outlook - have been given a I-Mac to use by my employer - so all of this is new to me - last mac I used was a Mac/SE and a G3
running Mac OS!


Right. The goal is to reduce the amount of work you have to do. :slight_smile: If SpamSieve put it in the Spam mailbox, it already knows it’s spam, and it already decided whether it wanted to auto-learn from that message. So manual training is not necessary and may possibly reduce the accuracy.

Yes, deleting messages from the mail program does not cause SpamSieve to “forget” anything from its corpus.

The Auto-train with incoming mail option is in the Training section of SpamSieve’s Preferences window, and it’s enabled by default.

Thank you for your help - way cool product
Thank you for your help - way cool product

It is so simple to use - it almost makes you think you didn’t use or install it correctly - used to POSTINI and other server side based complex and expensive software - this is going on all our Macs and Phones.