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SpamSieve for multiple Apple devices using iCloud and Godaddy domain name IMAP

I know what I would like to do (see below). Am I correct in thinking I can’t do it?

I would like to set up SpamSieve to

  • NOT be On My Mac
  • be usable on my desktop computer, my MacBook, my iPhone, and my iPad
  • filter my dot Mac / iCloud account
  • filter my domain name account (IMAP at Godaddy)

Poking around with the setup and the SS Help is leading me to think I can not do all that. Is that correct?

Is it correct that the desktop and the MacBook need separate Spam folders? If so, it seems I would need two folders name “Spam” in iCloud, which isn’t possible. What is the solution for that?

Is it correct that the iCloud Mail account and the Godaddy IMAP account need separate Spam folders? If so, I don’t know how to set up the Godaddy Spam folder/s.

thank you


No. You could either have them use the same “Spam” mailbox or have them use separate mailboxes with different names. Just make sure that you use one of the setups shown here.

Different accounts can share the same Spam mailbox (on one of those accounts) or use separate ones (which requires multiple SpamSieve rules).